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Young Texans Against Cancer (YTAC) was established in 2001 by a group of 44 young individuals in the Houston area. The 44 founding members have something in common: Cancer. Some have personally battled cancer while others have witnessed loved ones struggling with illness. Inspired by these struggles, the founding members created YTAC to increase cancer awareness among the generation of 22-45 year olds.

In January 2007, a dedicated group of young people started the second chapter in Austin and have continued to spread the ideas and dedication on which YTAC was founded. In 2008, another group of passionate young Texans kicked off the Dallas chapter and continues the overwhelming success both Houston and Austin have reached. In January of 2009, a YTAC chapter was founded in San Antonio, bringing YTAC to the 4 largest cities in Texas!

Young Texans Against Cancer (YTAC) is a non-profit organization comprised of young men and women affected directly or indirectly by cancer, who actively support the cancer community through the following efforts: Raising funds to help support research-based and small-to medium-sized organizations, increasing support for volunteer organizations, and educating the community about cancer research.

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Your involvement in Sprint for Cancer will directly impact Young Texans Against Cancer. All sponsorships and donations will help fund the work of this organization.

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